Förbättrad pumpserie från Bucher.

Bucher Hydraulics has developed a new external series of gear pumps and motors: AP/APM212.

Through improvements in design, manufacturing techniques and manufacturing control based on the latest technology, we have achieved high operating pressures, excellent volumetric and mechanical efficiency, minimal noise, reduced vibration and low flow pulsation. This series includes a specially developed unit, Low Noise (LN), with even less operating noise.

The AP/APM212 series reflects the ECOdraulics concept developed by Bucher Hydraulics. The goal of ECOdraulics is to reduce the burden on the environment by manufacturing products that meet the following criteria: reduced energy consumption; less noise or heat loss; optimised efficiency through system design. The low pulsation design of the new AP/APM212 reduces both power unit noise and vibration in the entire hydraulic system. In addition, the new design meets customer needs for a long life expectancy.

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